4 Reasons Every Household Needs CenturyLink

centurylink-internetPractically every home in the CenturyLink service area stands to greatly benefit from using its high speed Internet service. With reliable, secure service that does not have all the issues commonly found with Internet service providers, CenturyLink is making more than 5 million subscribers happy. There are 4 great reasons every household needs CenturyLink.

It is Fast

No one has time to wait around anymore for connection or slow downloads. However there are still many Internet users in America for whom this is a reality. With CenturyLink Internet service, you are always connected with real speed so you never have to wait around.

It Saves You Money

CenturyLink is extremely affordable. Service starts at only $39.95 per month. If you bundle your service with home phone service you can bring the cost down to $19.95 per month. Most other providers charge double or triple those amounts. In addition, with CenturyLink Internet you get free online TV access, so you can cut out the cost of cable or dish services.

It Provides Instant Information

 With fast Internet connection, you can help your kids do homework at any time of the day or night. Whether they need to research, take virtual courses or simply get extra help with an area that is challenging them, high speed Internet at home makes it possible to provide that help in real time. And if you are the one who needs information for your business or personal life, fast access to the Internet will deliver also.

It’s Virtually Unlimited

Many Internet services have data caps that limit your access to the Internet. While this may work for some users, heavy users, small businesses or multi-user households may struggle with such limits. CenturyLink data caps are so high that only about ½ of 1% of users ever hit them. Instead of penalizing those who hit the limit, CenturyLink helps them adjust their plan to better fit their needs.


CenturyLink is the solution to your household’s Internet needs. Whether you are looking for a fast go-to source of information, low cost service or one that doesn’t limit them, CenturyLink is the #1 choice. Order CenturyLink From CenturyTelNet.com


Choosing The Right Sized Satellite Internet Service Plan

Choosing a service plan can be very confusing for a first-time satellite Internet service buyer. No one wants to get a plan that can’t keep up with their Internet usage, but at the same time, you don’t want to overpay for service you are never going to use. Most Internet users can be divided into light, medium, or heavy users. Follow these great recommendations to get the service plan that is perfect for your household.

Light Users
Light users are people who don’t log on to the Internet very often, or only use their connection to do basic functions. Those looking to just keep in touch with people through email, look up a new recipe for dinner, or chat for a few minutes here and there would be considered a light user. Small packages, such as Exede Classic 10 or HughesNet Connect, are perfect for these activities.

Medium Users
The average Internet user would be considered a medium user. These people use the Internet to do more than basic functions, such as streaming movies, using social media daily, or downloading. These users will want a product that gives them more speed and offers more data. The HughesNet PowerPro package ensures you can stream videos smoothly and still have plenty of data to use for other activities. With Exede packages you can balance your daytime use with the Late Night Free Zone so you won’t risk using up all of your data.

Heavy Users
Most heavy Internet users have multiple computers in their home or have a need to be online all the time. Common examples include businesses that hold regular online conferences that you need to tap into or presentations that need to be downloaded. While medium users can still stream video using lower packages, you may want to consider a heavy use package if you plan on using streaming as your main source for entertainment. Try HughesNet’s PowerMAX package to help make sure you can always connect to work or watch the movies you want. The largest Exede plan is also a great fit as it gives you 25 GB of monthly data and unlimited midnight to 5am access.

Regardless of where you live in America, HughesNet satellite Internet has you covered with plans for every kind of use.

Big Thanks to Calera Satellite Internet Service

Hi everyone! I just want to thank everyone for all the donations and support (no matter how small)  our class got for our upcoming class field trip this spring. I wasn’t sure it was going to happen, but thanks to a generous donation from satellite service provider Calera our class field trip now has enough funds to finally happen. It can be difficult being a student at a rural school, and sometimes the lack of technology and internet access at school can result in our kids being a little behind when it comes to technical and internet skill, especially when compared to kids who grow up in more developed regions. Calera offers internet service in rural areas of the United States, so they are helping rural communities in more than one way! Now we just have to decide where we will take our class trip. The kids have a lot of big ideas (Washington DC is a popular one, but I’m not sure we can travel that far!) so it will be interesting to see what happens!

Our Class Matisse Art Project a Big Success!

matisse-school-art-projectHi everyone! Just wanted to let all the rural teachers out there know about another low cost art project that my class absolutely LOVED doing on Friday afternoon. This crafts project comes courtesy of the great art education blog Art Projects for Kids. The kids got a chance to make their own interpretations of Henri Matisse’s art masterpieces! Don’t you guys think it’s funny that sometimes elementary school students are the only ones who can really understand modern art?

Looking for Sponsors for 2nd Grade Field Trip

Hi everyone! I really need to update this blog more often, but today I want to talk to you guys about a more serious topic. As I discussed earlier, I am a second grade teacher at a very small elementary school in rural Wyoming. Obviously, there are some benefits of going (and teaching at) rural schools over inner city schools, but there are also disadvantages. One disadvantage is a lot less school funding is available. That means there is less money available for kids art classes, so our students don’t have the same opportunity to find their personalities and express their creativity. There is also less school funds available for transportation, so many kids have to be driven to school by their parents and miss more days because of this. There are big disadvantages when it comes to school field trips. I am trying to organize a field trip for our students this spring but the funding is just not available, so we are currently looking for sponsors to contribute to our 2nd grade class field trip. Many of my students have never been on a field trip before, so it would mean a lot to them to get this opportunity!

Post a comment below or write me an email if you know of anyone who would be willing to sponsor our field trip!

Mask Arts & Craft Projects for 2nd Graders!

School Mask Making ProjectHi there. I just wanted to let any fellow teachers reading my blog know about a fun arts and crafts project I found out about from a very cool post on Art is Basic. As a teacher that a rural school with limited funds available, it is sometimes hard to come up with fun projects for the kids to increase their hands-on skills and express their creativity that aren’t too expensive and will break the school budget. This crafts idea was a perfect fit for us and a big hit with my kids. We’re going to have to keep checking in for more fun ideas for those long Friday afternoons when the kids are getting restless!

About Me, a Rural Teacher

Hi everyone! My name is Kara Magnuss and I am a teacher at an elementary school in a very small town in Wyoming. I grew up in the country so in a way I am used to living out in the sticks, but there are times when it is also challenging. I started this blog to document the times when it is difficult to be a country teacher and also celebrate the times when it is very rewarding. Hope you’ll read about my experience. If you’re a rural teacher you’ll really get what I’m talking about!